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DIY Sunscreen

It’s summertime! I hope you caught my essential oil bug spray post here! But sunscreen is arguably even more important in your daily summer repertoire, though checking out the long list of ingredients on your average sunscreen bottle can be disheartening. I’ve had a lot of luck with a natural mixture of shea butter, which has a natural SPF of about 5 or 6, cocoa butter, which adds moisture and smoothness to your skin, zinc oxide powder, which carries the majority of your SPF, and essential oils. See details below about how to mix up this concoction and then you’ll  never leave home without it!

*note, this is for everyday wear and outside activities, not beach or extended wear. Also note that online DIY recipes that use almond, carrot, coconut or grapseseed oils might actually promote burning.

Homesteader’s Sunscreen
Measurements are rough for solid ingredients. Combine ingredients in a double boiler to melt
, constantly stirring to mix and avoid sticking. I store this in a small glass or durable plastic jar; consistency is a hard cream.

1/4 cup beeswax pellets
1/4 cup shea butter
1/4 cup cocoa butter
2-3 Tablespoons of non-nano Zinc oxide powder (one like this that does not seep into pores)
Optional: Vitamin E oil and essential oils for bonus effects on skin and mood

Some suggested essential oils: raspberry for extra SPF, lavender for skin calming, or melaleuca for added bug repellent

You need a lot of SPF when you are camping in the OBX! I use a combo of my DIY cream and natural versions like Tom's and The Honest Company

You need a lot of SPF when you are camping in the OBX! I use a combo of my DIY cream and natural versions like Tom’s and The Honest Company


Natural make up for cheap; no toxins included

This weekend for my doula friend Amber’s birthday, we decided to make some natural lip glosses. Since removing toxins from my food and environment, I feel like I can taste the formaldehyde on my lips from the bright pink lipstick I like to rock some days. I think buying natural products is awesome, but in reality, it’s not awesome for my budget. Lip gloss ingredients are as follows:
– beeswax pellets
– shea butter
– coconut oil (if you don’t already have this in your home, then…run! go get it)
– and beet root powder, cocoa, and cinnamon for tinting

All you have to do is melt the ingredients down and syphon them into your preferred stick or pot container! This is such a great and easy first step to going natural! And it tastes amazing!


A rainbow of lipgloss!