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paleo pumpkin spice latte recipe

paleo pumpkin spice latte recipeThis paleo pumpkin spice latte recipe is made with coconut milk, your favorite fall spices & none of the JUNK in a store bought latte! Sip to your health this fall!

In the wake of The FoodBabe encouraging Starbucks to post the ingredients in their syrups and lattes this September, I realized it was pretty important to find a healthy alternative to their toxin-rich treats for myself (and my friends) as I rebuild my micro biome and fight for optimal health.  This latte syrup is a stove-top cinch and can be funneled into glass jars and refrigerated for a pumpkin-spice filled fall! Note, this recipe is NOT SCD because of the Maple Syrup! You can make it so, by using honey instead.

1 can organic pumpkin puree
1 can Trader Joe’s Light Coconut milk (or another coconut milk with no thickeners, preservatives, or other ingredients)
3 cinnamon sticks
1 teaspoon nutmeg
2 teaspoons clove or 1 drop doTERRA clove oil
1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract or vanilla bean
1/4 cup organic maple syrup
* I started adding a few tablespoons of water after boiling to further thin it out

Bring all ingredients to a boil and then let simmer for 30 minutes. To thin the latte mixture, you will need to pour through cheesecloth or paper towels into a bowl once or twice. Then it is ready to funnel into jars. Pour in the bottom of your mug and add coffee on top for an instant integration of all these delicious flavors!