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Cheers to the Weekend: Autumn Cider Recipe

Autumn cider recipeMost of us are going to be locked up with our loved ones this weekend as Joaquin passes through the East Coast. I’ve recently given up wine because of how the sugar and alcohol make me feel, but I do love a cocktail on a Friday evening while cooking dinner and lounging to watch a movie while we listen to the rain on our roof. I’ve  found that ginger beer and cider (though sugary) is much better on my stomach  and has a much lower alcohol content. I have a few varieties that have no added sugar and finish with a clean, dry taste. I recommend:

– Crispin (artisinal reserve, stagger lee, and the saint) varieties
–  Woodchuck Private reserve Ginger Cider
–  ACE Pumpkin Hard Cider

Tonight, I will be mixing one of these chilled ciders in a glass with wild orange aromatic bitters, 1/2 oz. rye bourbon, and 1 sprig of rosemary or a few cloves to garnish.

Cheers to everyone trying to stay dry out there! And enjoy the FIRST weekend of October.