I am a mom, a DONA Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, a former high school teacher, and an Autoimmune Disease nutrition blogger and culinarian. I have combined my love of “paleo” cooking and whole nutrition with my doula practice, and believe that I supply the most delicious, creative and complete nutrition to my expecting and postpartum clients. The purpose of my recipe catalogue is the eventual publication of several cookbooks: one for expectant and new mothers, and one on Paleo British cuisine.

I met my husband weeks before I moved to Ireland to study archaeology at the University College of Dublin in 2011. I am a total and shameless Celtophile, and we were married in Scotland in 2016. I currently write “prehistoric fiction” about the indigenous peoples of Ireland and Scotland.

As an archaeologist, I studied neolithic or “new stone age” people, best known for creating megalithic stone monuments like Stonehenge, and for establishing a novel “sedentary” (hardly, more like non-nomadic) lifestyle through farming practices. It is my practice and belief that “paleo” is a misnomer for my current diet and lifestyle, since our goals are to eat and cultivate whole foods much more like neolithic people– ie, we eat a much more diverse diet than wild nuts and fruit with occasional hunted game.

Like most people with AID, I have also battled hormone disruption, and I’m a big advocate of Chinese medicine, and therapy through herbs and essential oils.