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About Elisabeth

I am a mom, a DONA Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, a former high school teacher and tutor, and a nutrition blogger and culinarian focused on autoimmune paleo cuisine.

Why I cook:

5 years ago, I began healing my IBD through the AIP (Autoimmune paleo protocol).  In 2015, when I became a Doula, I combined my love of healthy, “paleo” cooking and whole food nutrition with my emerging doula practice, and I believe that I now supply the most delicious, creative, and complete nutrition to my expecting and postpartum clients. Therefore, the purpose of my recipe catalogue here is the eventual publication of several cookbooks: one for expectant and new mothers, and one on seasonal Paleo British cuisine (See more below on my love of the British Isles!)

My other passions:

I met my husband weeks before I moved to Ireland to study archaeology at the University College of Dublin in 2011. To continue my Celtic dream, we were married in Scotland in 2016. Ergo, I’m currently writing “prehistoric fiction” about the indigenous people of Ireland and Scotland, and I contribute archaeological articles for several “Outlander Starz” fan websites. Fun fact: our daughter’s name, Alba, is the name for the ancient kingdom of Scotland.

How those intertwine:

As an archaeologist, I studied neolithic or “new stone age” people, best known for creating the megalithic stone monuments we all love, like Stonehenge, and for establishing a new “sedentary” (more like non-nomadic) lifestyle through farming practices. It is my  belief that “paleo” is actually a misnomer for my current diet and lifestyle, since the goals are to eat and cultivate whole foods (including occasional cereals) much more like neolithic people did.

In essence, we eat a much more diverse diet than the wild nuts, fruit, and occasional hunted game that paleolithic people ate. This alchemy of my passions for primal health and prehistory is why I am NeolithicLiz or (NeolithicElisabeth on Instagram).

Additional interests:

Like most people with AID, diagnosed or undiagnosed, I have also battled hormone disruption, and am a big advocate of Chinese medicine and hormone therapy through herbs and essential oils. Recently, I have started practicing seed cycling, which has helped to realign my cycles with the moon, and began to clear my postpartum PMS and ovulation symptoms. In addition, I use all-natural, environmentally safe beauty and home-cleaning products, along with CPTG essential oils to minimize hormone disruption and toxins from free radicals and synthetic estrogens. After 5 years, these changes, along with my whole foods diet,  have truly contributed to my healthier hormones and gut.

These are the victories I want to share with you! I want to support you however I can as Doula, advocate, nutritionist, recipe creator, and natural mama enthusiast!

Contact: Neolithicliz@gmail.com