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Vegan Holiday Truffles!

This is my Vegan Truffle Recipe, in case you missed it featured on eatlivelife.com! For various reasons, we’ve decided to give our loved ones some delicious holiday treats as gifts this year, and I had to include these delicious truffles in that repertoire (spoiler alert, friends and family!) The best part is that I can give these to friends who can’t eat sugar and my lactose-intolerant friends, and especially excited for my granny, who is 94 and only really likes to eat chocolate these days, to try them!

To give my traditional recipe a little “holiday bump,” I’ll be rolling my truffles in 1) Macha green tea powder 2) crushed dehydrated strawberries from Trader Joe’s and 3) Unsweetened, shredded coconut. Everything else is the same! If you don’t have macha, or have concerns about the caffeine in green tea, then crushed pistachios are a similar color!

If you don’t have sugar or corn syrup restrictions like I do, then I’d highly recommend rolling your truffles in crushed candy canes! And if you’re not on my naughty list, then you can let me know what you think after December 25th!

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