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Super Soul Sunday

When I think about why I love Robert Frost, it’s because I love teaching his poetry. Its complexity can be a little complicated for high school students, so that’s why I love that a simpler read of Frost is also possible. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is actually my favorite Frost poem because of the evocative imagery, but The Road Not Taken will always speak to me in an eery way. Free Will has got me all tied up in knots sometimes, thinking about all the possible outcomes and permutations of the choices I’ve made and will make. It’s no secret that we survive by telling ourselves that the story we are writing or the path we are choosing is the “right” one, and that we create justifications¬† for our choices along those paths. In the end, happiness and strife are found with any road, and the human struggle continues despite our wisest or poorest decisions. My wish on this Sunday is that we be content with the roads we choose and live the life born of those choices as fully as possible each minute. For me that means longer meditations, slower walks, more intentional conversations and loving, and more teaching and learning. What does it mean for you?
PS- Check out this article if you want to more about Frost’s pom


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