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Welcome to your 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge!

It’s our first day of our 30 Day Clean Eating challenge! And I have some special things planned for you. So many of us splurge and indulge in the summer months, so this is the perfect time to get back to wholesome, seasonal, healthy eating before the holiday trifecta–halloween, thanksgiving, christmas– oh my. The rules of the challenge are pretty simple: You will only eat ingredients themselves, you will eat nothing with a list of ingredients.

If you’re looking for more help with your overall health and weight loss, it’s still not too late to sign up for our nutrient supplement package for your best results, which includes daily meal replacement shakes (I use mine for breakfast with fruit), juice for a weekly dinner to dinner fast, essential vitamins,  a supply of daily nutrient booster, and a complete meal planner and recipe guide from Nutrition Experts, Liz and Sara Germain. In general, you may have heard that we are undernourished and overfed. This 30 day clean eating challenge addresses our need for balanced nutrition, and the supplements really help.

I’m preparing some exciting recipes for the days to come, but in the meantime, I want to give some helpful hints for getting started!

1) It doesn’t have to be hard if you prepare in advance. Seriously, I didn’t feel like cooking tonight so I wrapped turkey and homemade mayo in a cabbage leaf with avocado and tomato  slices. I hit all my food groups in less than 5 minutes!

2) Get the junk out. You are going to make this challenge so much harder on yourself if you keep junk food in your house. Seriously, get it out. It’s not benefiting anyone who lives there. They will forgive you! (Matt still loves me!)

3) You can still eat out! Sort of 🙂 I’m going to Whole Foods for dinner tomorrow, where all ingredients are listed on their salad and hot bars. They have chicken, beef and fish with no additives to add protein, and great drinks to supplement your meal, like kombucha or green tea! I haven’t gone out to eat without looking up the menu first in years. If you are planning on being out of town or meeting friends at a restaurant, then just investigate beforehand, and figure out what you can order (with minor additions/subtractions).

4) You will slip up. Forgive yourself. I am probably going to eat a gluten free pizza or something chocolate in the next 30 days. It happens. What you must do when you slip up is just file it under “whoops” and move forward, unscathed. When you feel guilty, you sabotage yourself by thinking you should starve to make up for it or give up all together. Let it go.

5) Keep it Simple Sweetheart. I used to make crazy extravagant paleo meals when I first started and then I started following some experts {@againstallgrain @paleokrate @thebeautyofrealfood @autoimmunepaleo @zenbelly}  and I noticed a common thread… No one was trying to get fancy and replicate some elaborate recipe. The point is to showcase the beauty of real food. You need one palm-sized protein, seasoned well, with 2+ vegetables and some good fat in order to absorb all those other nutrients. This 30 day program should NOT be more expensive (unless you’re only eating ramen), it should not take more time to prepare. It’s all about simpler living with Whole Foods. So have fun!

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