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Whole 30 Challenge Details


Some of the Super Sisters Results with their professional programs!

Hi Friends, here are your Whole 30 Challenge Details! I’m so excited to be teaming up with Super Sisters Fitness to offer this Whole 30 challenge for you from September 10-October 10th, 2015. A lot of you know that I won their Bikini Bootcamp challenge this year and am a big advocate of their programs that dually coach members in nutrition and exercise regimes in a SUPER professional manner. These women have a very esteemed background in nutrition, sports & exercise science, and personal training; you can check out all their legit certifications at their web link.

You guys also know that I have struggled with my general health because of PCOS and IBD, which causes weight fluctuation, bloating, weakness, fatigue, anxiety, and food intolerance to name a few. There were times in my health journey when I felt hopeless and faced with insurmountable odds because of  my “genetics” or “body type.” When I joined with Super Sisters, I found a cohort of women that had similar (and different) experiences, but who all wanted to lift each other up and support one another on our physical health journeys. Enlisting in this program gave me a daily workout regime that becomes addicting within 2 weeks and can be done at home OR in a gym with little to no equipment. It also provided me with nutrition and meal prep guidance every week, and most importantly,  the micronutrients that my body was missing out on from years of eating poorly and dealing with other health issues. These micronutrients, provided through a daily shake, daily shot of juice, daily supplement, and weekly cleanse, made all the difference in my results. I went from A) exercising every day and eating 1-2 cheat meals per week and losing a pound a week  to B) Losing inches and pounds, refreshing my skin, flattening my belly, ending bloat, reducing PCOS symptoms, building lean muscle, and regaining energy I haven’t had since high school. My new philosophy is to work smart and hard and that’s what this system enables you to do. It is REALLY hard to go on this journey alone, and it can take so much time that we give up on results. Super Sisters is rewarding me for my hard work and giving my friends and readers a special price on their 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge until September 10th!

In addition, I have created a “Whole 30″ Topic heading to the right, which will include some of my personal favorite Whole 30/Whole Food/”Paleo” recipes, and daily motivations and tips for sticking with your journey. The 30 Day Clean Eating Guide Book contains all your Do’s and Don’t for food and even supplies you with a convenient shopping list and weekly meal prep. I’ve outlined some of this generally on my 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge post and I plan to get more into the Do’s and Don’ts in some future postings. If you’ve heard enough and are excited to feel better next Month then Enroll in our program here.

If you have questions please shoot me an email or comment below!


My 30 Day Results



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