30 Day Clean Eating Challenge- Starts September 10th!

Maybe some of you have a nutrition cycle like me: You do really well all week long with few indulgences. You make your balanced lunches, and dream up nutritious dinners like zoodles with homemade pesto or buffalo chicken lettuce cups with homemade dressing. You eat vegetarian for most meals, vegan even, and lots of fish and lean protein to fill you up after workouts. THEN the weekend comes along… One indulgence becomes EVERY MEAL, drinking alcohol leaves you feeling too lazy for morning workouts, and everyone is eating out and using food to socialize, right?

Usually for me, Sunday ends in a necessary liquid fast after this type of weekend and I start my week off feeling less than great, and back on my clean eating train. That’s why I’m challenging myself to a 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge or WHOLE 30. This type of whole food cleanse is so good for your body (unlike the water-cayenne pepper-lemon juice kind) and is REALISTIC to maintain over a lifetime. I could honestly not imagine going back to sugar or wheat after my first 30 days without it and there is a distinct possibility that you could find a similar culprit for your headaches, fatigue, stomach aches, anxiety, and be free of it after October 10th. What a fabulous way to start out the Fall Season? With all your clothes too big and a new palate for healthy, seasonal food.

I only have success with this type of thing when I have accountability partners! That’s why I am participating in my 30 Day Whole food Challenge via my friends over at Supersisterfitness.com  The program includes meal plans, supplements, nutritious cleanse day drinks and a built-in support system, so that you really can’t fail. Comment below or Send me an email if you want details on how you can participate!

Here are some rules to guide our 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

  • NO Processed foods– meaning nothing pre-packaged or not REAL
  • NO SUGAR- this includes added sugar! (I’m looking at you, Greek Yogurt)
  • NO Alcohol (ok, one glass of red wine a week if you must)
  • NO refined carbohydrates (which should already be clear from #1) but I’ll say it again: don’t eat  white rice, corn, or wheat
  • DO YOUR BEST to eat organic, antibiotic- free meat. Local is best. Know that the animal that is feeding you had a normal animal life.
  • LIMIT Dairy. I do not have milk, cream, or any milk by-product because these foods are inflammatory for me. I DO have low-lactose cheeses, dark chocolate, and make my own yogurt. Find a balance and do what works for you!
  • NO Soda or beverages other than water. Only green tea or “bulletproof”  coffee…more on that later

If you follow the rules above, I KNOW you will be feeling better in 72 hours or less. Take your Summer challenge to the next level with this me this month and start Fall off on the right foot!
30 Day Clean Eating Challenge


  1. Talk to me more about the refined carbs. What carbs are ok? What substitutions do you recommend? Also, is turbino sugar ok, or if not, can we sub maple syrup/honey for sugar?

    • Good Questions Fah! Any sugar, even the natural kind is going to spike your blood sugar and make the changes your working on tougher. If you have a craving and need to sweeten something, I would recommend maple syrup (honey is realllly sweet)
      For your carbs, just imagine something that came straight up from the earth with no processing needs except for maybe some peeling or washing! Unrefined carbs include starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes or peas; whole grains and seeds like Quinoa, Oats and Amarinth; if you need corn, eat it in the cob form; and of course, fruit/fructose will get you through most carb cravings. Peaches are GLORIOUS this time of year (juice of one currently dripping down my hand.)
      As far as substitutions go, check out my blog daily! Today I’m posting beet chips to eat with your homemade hummus/guacomole/salsa/ceviche all of which are GAME on Whole 30.
      Hope this helped!

      • Awesome! Thanks for the quick response! So… yes to quinoa, no to rice? Yes to steel cut oats, no to quick oats? I know, I’m getting in the weeds. We can talk later!

        • You’ve totally got it–it’s intuitive. I also think that what feels right to everyone is individual. (see my rule #3 of my SCD blackbean burger post!) I will eat as much brown rice as comes on a sushi roll when I ask for “light rice” and if that makes me a cheater, so be it! The goal is optimum health.

          Look for a great cauliflower rice recipe coming up!

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