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12 Week Super System Opportunity

As you may remember from my post from two weeks ago, I won the last installment of Bikini Bootcamp with the Super Sisters, largely because of my great nutrition foundation that I share with you all, but also because of the amazing accountability system and exercise plans made by The Super Sisters, Liz and Sara Germain.

Yesterday, the next 12 week journey began, and they have momentarily reopened registration for their awesome programs. I can not tell you how excited I am for the journey of the next 12 weeks. As summer turns to fall, I am going to feel leaner, fitter, stronger, and have more energy–all this while coming up with new, healthy fall recipes and sipping my dairy-free, sugar-free Pumpkin Lattes. I REALLY want my friends to go on this journey with me, and start off the Halloween-thanksgiving-holiday season feeling the best you ever have.

Sign up here if you want to go on my next 12 week adventure with me!!


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