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Paleo pasta primavera with zoodles and farmers market pesto

IMG_1087 It’s always been my feeling, especially in the kitchen, that constraint breeds creativity. Starting my Autoimmune Paleo regime to reduce inflammation forced me to develop new recipes and think outside the box for meals. Sandwiches aren’t something I can just “throw together,” and pasta is not typically on the menu.

Since I developed a Paleo repertoire, and began sharing those recipes with friends and you all, via my blog, I feel those constraints less and less. So in order to breed more creativity, this summer I’ve decided to add some new constraints and boost my health by reducing animal products in my diet and focusing on eating more vegetarian meals. This dish is made completely from vegetables & good fats and it is totally rich, filling, and nourishing.

This zoodler, as seen here on GMA with Natalie Morales is a life-changer. And I can get Matt to have fun cranking out my zoodles while I perfect my sauce and saute the veggies! It’s quick, light….pretty the perfect summer dinner! The best part is that these vegetables are from CSA [community supported agriculture], specifically, Transplanting Traditions in Orange County, NC. This CSA has an amazing story–I encourage everyone to get involved with sustainable agriculture near you!

Paleo pasta primavera with zoodles and farmers market pesto

Veggies – Choose locally grown and in season veggies that go well with pasta & Use olive oil to sautee hardest vegetables first, adding in softer ones as others soften
Use spiralizer tool to crank out roughly 1 zucchini per person

– Blanch zoodles in a pot of boiling water; immerse for just 1-2 minutes to soften
– Let noodles drain, and use cheesecloth to squeeze out excess water
– Add zoodles to sauteed veggies
– In a blender or food processor, combine one bunch of Italian Basil (no stems), 1 cup of grated parmesan cheese, 1 cup of olive oil, juice from one lemon, and 2 tsp sea salt.
– add pesto to your sauteed veggies, plate, and enjoy!

*I prefer pesto sans the traditional pine nuts, which make pesto much more expensive and heartier. I recommend adding them in if you are a vegetarian or need the protein.


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