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Vegetarian SCD: homemade blackbean burger

I’ve been thinking, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are THREE really important things that I want to get across to people who choose to follow a Paleo, ancestralized, or SCD diet regime for any reason: weight loss, auto-immune disease, or just general health and wellness, or a simple 30 day challenge–everyone!

1) Cook at home. make everything at home. DIY. Make it yourself.  Should you go out to eat tonight, though? NO. 

It’s so important to cook at home, whether you are trying to get fit or get well. This does not mean opening a box and microwaving or baking something pre-packaged. I used to love prepackaged black bean burgers, but the ingredients are just unnecessary. Why the guar gum? The soy? The unending list of things I can’t eat because of inflammation. Inflammation that MOST of us have. Everything I once loved that was packaged, I started making myself, and GUESS WHAT! I lost my taste for the non-homemade kind. You think you don’t have time? Make time! Make time for your health and start with things that take only a few minutes like my black bean burger recipe below!

2) Being “paleo” does not mean you’re a carnivore– IN FACT, it would imply that you eat a mostly vegetarian diet. I’m looking at you, instagram paleo club…

So I promise not to get on my archaeologist soap box again– about how Paleolithic people actually would have just foraged  nuts, seeds, and fruits, and the way we eat as a “paleo” pop culture is actually Neolithic, but FYI… IT IS! That’s why I’m neolithic elisabeth! the important part of this, though, is not my archaeological background and academic jargon. What you must! MUST! must! remember on your Paleo journey is that our ancestors only ate meat after successful hunts and for special occasions. And they did not have the means to store and freeze and thaw and cook bison patties every day people. So why are you eating animal protein like it’s going out of style? Why consume animal protein when it leaves so much more of a footprint on our globe and uses so many more of our waning natural resources? It’s NOT necessary. I work out EVERY. DAY. And I get the majority of my protein from plants–like hemp, beans, and nuts. THAT is true paleo. That is how you should treat your precious body and our planet. And a lot more days than I would like, I eat lean meat for dinner, but let’s all keep each other accountable to be better.

3) Loosen up on the RULES. We are eating healthfully and nourishing our bodies so listen to YOURS!

Black beans are allowed on SCD but not on a Paleo diet. Personally, they don’t bother me right now. However, at one time they did and for some people they are hard to digest. I don’t think my integrity is insulted by eating black beans when I’m feeling well and I don’t think arbitrary rules make your diet any cleaner.

Ok, that is really it for me. Those are my only rules. Now have fun cooking! You can start with the Black bean burger recipe below (with help from my amazing vegetarian/yogi/nurse/sister/cousin Tricia Ann)!

Veggie-SCD Spicy Black Bean Burgers

Ingredients for one week’s worth of black bean burger lunch or 5 burgers for a dinner:

2 cans black  beans
1 cup grain free breadcrumbs ( I use my almond flour cracker crumbs or almond meal)
1 cup fresh salsa (made at home or whole ingredients store bought)
red pepper flakes
olive oil


1) Combine first 3 ingredients into food processor (or mix together well, smashing black beans)
2) Add spices to taste
3) Preheat Oven to 350
4) Remove from bowl/processor and form into 5-6 large patties, coat patties in almond flour
5) Cook on medium/high heat in skillet in olive oil until crispy on the oustide
6) After crisped in skillet, move onto a baking sheet to cook the inside for 20-25 minutes

Serve and eat with homemade ketchup or ranch dressing…Oh no, you need recipes for those now!

Natural make up for cheap; no toxins included

This weekend for my doula friend Amber’s birthday, we decided to make some natural lip glosses. Since removing toxins from my food and environment, I feel like I can taste the formaldehyde on my lips from the bright pink lipstick I like to rock some days. I think buying natural products is awesome, but in reality, it’s not awesome for my budget. Lip gloss ingredients are as follows:
– beeswax pellets
– shea butter
– coconut oil (if you don’t already have this in your home, then…run! go get it)
– and beet root powder, cocoa, and cinnamon for tinting

All you have to do is melt the ingredients down and syphon them into your preferred stick or pot container! This is such a great and easy first step to going natural! And it tastes amazing!


A rainbow of lipgloss!


Is it “Paleo?” And is it Real Food? From Real Food Liz

Is it “Paleo?” And is it Real Food?. Real Food Liz is like my spirit animal. #HomesteadingRocks

Real Food Liz