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Archive for January 2015


My 2 week absence on the blog is due to our rejuvenating holiday in Ireland the last two weeks. It’s funny. I thought that visiting would be so satiating and life giving–and it was–but now that we are back, I miss it more than ever.

the rain. the blue-gray skies and impossibly green hills. the simplicity. the time-warp of communing with the ancients. the rugged landscape. the rugged people. their fierce kindness and love of americans. dublin’s dirty streets, the strong city smells, the way the wet cobble stones glisten. and the ease of winding around the old side streets. heartache!

cliffs of moher

Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland, January 2, 2015


But on the other hand, I’m SO glad to be back to my puppy and to the world of cooking that awaits! 2015 here we come!