human design


I can’t encourage you guys enough to go to to calculate your human design. Of course, it’s best to have an expert go through it with you afterward, but you can also make use of the many resources at the website.

You can also use this Directory of Experts to find someone to talk to over the phone like my boyfriend did!

Ra Uru Hu and Human design depict a holistic view of the world and you in it. you can read more about the elements that contribute to your design: uniqueness, neutrinos, and the synthesis

This is an unbelievably freeing and accurate way to see yourself, your relationships, and the way in which you interact with the world. It leaves open all possibilities..

The Centers and Authorities (like in the photo above) remind me a lot of chakras. My authority is sacral, which denotes fertility, desire, and strong instincts. so true.

UPDATE: There is some great guidance inthe comments below about how to get started on your own human design!


  1. An even better place to get your Human Design chart is via, which is also by Jovian. What this is, is online interactive software that also has an audio component. You can run as many charts as you like and save them, too. =) There are higher levels of information when you are ready to go beyond the free info on your chart.

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