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why bone broth?


2 cups in each mason jar. This is a 12 cup recipe made in my crockpot with 3 pounds of organic chicken bones. Lunch all week during a flare!

I have a dream of opening up a broth window like this guy, except mine would be called “the BROTHel.” Seriously though, there are too many benefits of bone broth for one post. Bone broth helps to heal digestive disorders, autoimmune disease like RA, and other joint pain. Drinking bone broth speeds up healing from surgery, reduces cellulite, and boosts your immune system. I thought that bone broth was just a necessary staple in the beginning of breaking the vicious cycle, but with all its health benefits, it’s really something that we should all incorporate into a regular holistic health routine.  So here’s how I do that! After I’ve jarred mine, I throw them in my bag for breakfast or lunch at work. You can heat them in the microwave, or pour into a sauce pan on the stove. If you are in a particular flare, I suggest using it as a meal replacement. Otherwise, just replace one of your daily coffees or teas and enjoy the rich benefits.

1) Use bones from your organic, grassed protein OR buy them at a minimal price at your local grocer/farmer’s market

2) For every pound of bones, add three cups of water

3) Add roughly chopped carrots, onions, and ginger, salt, and pepper

4) Add a tablespoon of Apple cider Vinegar which aids in pulling the healing marrow out from the bones

5) Let simmer on stove or in your crock pot for 24 hours.

5) Strain and funnel into mason jars for optimal storage time and transport ease

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